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                   Listed on the National Register of Historic Places



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Robert Albrecht Photo Collection

We have grouped the photographs in this collection by type of photo, such as by street.  Because of the sheer number of photos, we have not provided thumbnails or detailed descriptions.  Instead, the link to the photo serves as a basic description of what you will see when you click the link.  Once you view each photo, click the "Back" button on your browser to take you back to the list of photos.  Time permitting, we will be providing many more descriptions of these photos (we have the architect and original owner of almost all).


  Early Photos
  Deming House Construction
  B.R. Deming Company Office
  Chatfield Drive
  Delamere Drive
  Demington Drive
  Fairmount Boulevard
  North St. James Parkway
  Tudor Drive
  Woodmere Drive
  West St. James Parkway


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