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Coming Soon!

When time permits, we will be making the following enhancements to this web site:
  • Additional comments regarding each of the historic photographs contained in this web site. (NOTE:  See our book!  Each photo includes a full caption with architect, original owner, and other interesting information!)
  • A searchable database containing all of the historical information we have found about each Euclid Golf house.  This will include information about the date of construction (based upon permit dates), original owners, architect, the existence of blueprints, and other historical information.
  • A section devoted to the superb architectural work of Howell & Thomas. (NOTE:  See our book!  There is an entire chapter devoted to Howell & Thomas, including reproductions of original drawings!)
  • Any other tidbits we find!  The more we look, the more we find!
  • Ongoing visual enhancements to the site.



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