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Robert Albrecht Collection

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In 1913, the architectural firm Howell & Thomas sent several of its associates to Cleveland from Columbus to begin working with Barton Deming to develop Euclid Golf.  One of those associates was Herman Albrecht, a young architect whom we understand was Howell & Thomas' chief designer/draftsman.  According to Herman Albrecht's son Robert, Mr. Albrecht was responsible for designing Deming's own house at the foot of Fairmount.  Albrecht worked closely with Mrs. Deming on the design of the house, Deming himself only being concerned that the house be a suitable "billboard" announcing the grandeur and sophistication of Euclid Golf!  We think that Albrecht succeeded! 

Albrecht also set-up Howell & Thomas' Cleveland office, and later the firm permanently relocated to Cleveland, where the many of its great buildings were completed.  Albrecht went on to form his own firm, Albrecht, Wilhelm & Kelly, in 1919, later becoming Albrecht & Wilhelm in 1925.  His firm was incredibly prolific, completing over 700 commissions, 500 of which were residences of great architectural merit.  Most of Albrecht's work can be seen in the Massillon, Ohio and Canton, Ohio areas, as well as in Cleveland suburbs such as Shaker Heights, Lakewood, and Rocky River.  Mr. Albrecht died in 1961.

Among the collection of materials from Herman Albrecht's architectural practice are upwards of 150 photographs related to Euclid Golf.  This treasure-trove of images documents the period from early 1913 through 1918.  They show us the area in its unimproved state, streets under construction, houses under construction and in various states of completion, and various billboards Deming erected advertising lots on specific streets.

We believe that these photos were taken for Barton Deming as documentation of the development of Euclid Golf.  Several of these photographs were used by Deming in sales brochures and in the earliest advertisements, but most are heretofore unseen.  While many of the houses depicted are by Howell & Thomas, some are by other architects.  In total, they tell a great story, in pictures, of the development of Euclid Golf.

We are indebted to Robert Albrecht for generously making these photographs available to us, and for preserving these important historical records.

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