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In approximately 1915, Barton Deming produced his first brochure about Euclid Golf.  This tri-fold brochure features photographs of some of the first houses built in Euclid Golf, as well as a complete map of the allotment so that a prospective buyer could locate the lot he was interested in.  We reproduce this brochure in the links below:
1915 Brochure Page 1    1915 Brochure Page 2  1915 Brochure Page 3


In 1921, Deming produced an impressive, 50 page bound booklet celebrating Euclid Golf.  It contains photos of a number of Euclid Golf homes, as well as many pages of advertisements.  We reproduce all of the photos of homes found in the brochure, as well as an example of an advertisement:


1921 Foreward 1921 Page 4 1921 Page 8 1921 Page 12 1921 Page 16
1921 Page 1 1921 Page 5 1921 Page 9 1921 Page 13 1921 Page 17
1921 Page 2 1921 Page 6 1921 Page 10 1921 Page 14 1921 Advert
1921 Page 3 1921 Page 7 1921 Page 11 1921 Page 15  


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