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                   Listed on the National Register of Historic Places



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Welcome to the web site devoted to the historic Euclid Golf Allotment, one of the finest streetcar suburbs of the early 20th century.  Located in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Euclid Golf is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Euclid Golf is a highly-cohesive example of an early 20th century planned community of architect-designed homes.  Barton R. Deming, developer of Euclid Golf, set out to construct the finest residential development in Cleveland. 



Detail of Allotment office originally at Demington Drive and Fairmount Boulevard          


       Home on Ardleigh Drive, designed by Reynold Hinsdale.










Deming's vision remains as clear today as it did in 1913.  Euclid Golf homes retain all of their beauty and charm, and the entire area maintains the cohesion envisioned by Deming.

This web site is a celebration of the history and beauty of Euclid Golf!



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